Why you need it

Why you need it

Why You Need it

Why we need it

We are energy bodies and as such we need to understand how to take care of it. We are constantly mixing our energies with others, these encounters may cause for us to feel their vibrations that might not be too positive and affect us. Or we might be going through rough times ourselves and low vibration feelings take over us, like stress, anger, frustration, etc. causing our bodies’ energies to weaken. Situations like these can really pay a toll on our bodies by not allowing it to be balanced. If we could only take time to address these with some meditation, prayers, yoga or the like to reduce this process, the body would be able to get its balance back.

Reality is that many of us do not take care of these toxins when they appear and eventually they start creating energy blockages in the areas related to these feelings. By not doing anything we let our organs get damage and soon enough we discover something is wrong.  Energy Healing is there to help you with the treatment of your illness not to replace the medical treatment. What we do as energy healers is to clear these energy blockages so the normal flow may continue, leading to a healthy energy body. Once an illness has developed, you must follow your physician’s advice, as medicine has advance greatly, what was impossible to heal many years ago, now it might have a chance. But I do believe that when ill, you need all that is available to you to accomplish full recovery. This is where Energy Healing can help you, to sooth the pain, reduce the emotional impact of the illness and help with the treatment, by helping the body accelerate its recovery.

I can only hope that this bit of information has help you understand what energy healing is about and how it can help you achieve wellness when needed.  Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. I humbly open my doors to you and hope to be of help in the near future.

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