About my mission

About my mission

I believe strongly in helping others in any way I can. I believe that we are all one in spirit. My journey has taken me to learn about the Angels, Archangels and other light beings. I have learned that all around us has a purpose and an energy within itself to help us. Plants, crystals, animals, etc. All creation has an energy and with intention can do wonders. I love practicing Crystal Healing as my primary modality because I feel how the energy flows when working with them. Their beauty and vibration are just magical. Of course all modalities have their own special and unique way to impact us and it is just a matter of preference. I still remember my first crystal and how I felt touching it and getting use to it. It has been a wonderful experience so far and fulfilling. Learning and acquiring the necessary training has made me feel comfortable to open up about who I am, what I do and how I can help others. I am a spirit living a human experience, and I am discovering my mission as I go.

We are living in the most wonderful times in our lives. As mother Earth is increasing her vibration so are we. People are now open to speak about the spiritual world, it is no longer a mystery or a taboo. Hopefully in the near future science can catch up to the spiritual world.

My commitment to you, is to not just help you with your health concerns but to teach you methods of how to learn to connect with your higher self and your spiritual guides. How you can learn to help yourself clear low vibration energies affecting your body.

Love and Light

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