Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you find it insightful and helpful. A bit about myself. I come from Lima, Peru. Peru is known for its Incan Culture and its most wonderful structures left from that time, like Machu Picchu. I come from a very intuitive family from my mother’s side.

My faith was always present but wasn’t until my thirties when a very critical illness affected my family. During this period of time I found myself in need of answers and help. This is when my real journey began. As I looked for answers through medical research, I found myself doing a lot of soul searching and looking for spiritual guidance. As I went through this period I found out about energy healing and decided to learn as much as I could. I asked God to guide me and allow me to serve him in whatever way possible. This is when I learned that by connecting with God, I felt at peace and that by learning healing techniques I could help my family and others.

I have been practicing energy healing for the past five years. It has been a very rewarding experience, and I hope to share this magnificent gift from above. I have understood and learned much from spirit! I am here now and Love doing spirit work! I look forward to continuing my instruction and journey in learning from my guides and angels. With their divine guidance, I hope to be able to assist you.

I am an energy healer, and I have trained in many fields of healing modalities. I am at present a member of the American Association of Healers and Global Psychics & Healers. I am a Crystal Healer, an Usui Reiki Healer and practice A.M.A.H.T(Ascended Masters Ancient Healing Techniques) on my sessions.
I look forward to helping you.

Love & Light

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